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About Us

51 years of lighting up the sky above Ipswich!

The 11th Ipswich Scout Group started Christchurch Park fireworks in 1972 with fireworks purchased from Sneezums in Fore Street, Ipswich for £100. Over 6000 people came to the event paying just 5p for children and 15p for adults!

The event was a massive success and has grown to be a staple tradition in the Ipswich autumn events calendar, attended by generations to see the sky over Ipswich brought to light by the region's biggest fireworks display.

Fifty one years later in 2021, the event is still run by a team of volunteers from the 11th Ipswich Scout Group raising funds to help us provide everyday adventure and skills for life to hundreds of young people throughout Ipswich.

Thank you for your support!

Join the Scouting Adventure

Adult volunteers at the 11th Ipswich Scout Group help to provide adventurous activities and personal development opportunities for many young people in Ipswich. This helps them to take a constructive and responsible place in their community. Why not help us to provide more places for young people and have great fun at the same time.

Scouting is growing and is the largest youth organisation for girls and boys in the world with over 450,000 in the UK and over 50 million in 216 countries world wide.

Shortage of Adult Volunteers

Faster growth is only prevented by a shortage of adult leaders and helpers. Nationally 50,000 young are on the waiting lists. More adults in scouting would enable more young people to join our scouting adventure. 

Find out more and join the Adventure at